All of our Game Shows are “ALL Play Games”

No waiting around for your turn!


Kids Music Game Show”: Our DJ/Emcee will lead the kids in 1 hour of music games and contests.  This is a very interactive show that will keep the kids going the whole time. Music Games, Music trivia, Dance Contests, group dances and so much more. Comes complete with sound system and small prizes.

Perfect for Birthday Parties, Cub Scout Blue and Gold Celebrations and schools.


“The Music Mania” Game Show: This is one of the most entertaining and interactive shows you will see.  Our performer acts as your game show host, leading your guests through 4 very interactive games.  Name That Tune, our Musical Scavenger Hunt, a Survivor Trivia Challenge and even a few dance contests. This show is fast paced, full of fun, and will get ALL your guests involved. Sound system, small prizes and a Money Machine for the winning guest to enter are all included. Corporate or private parties! Perfect for groups of 30-150 guests.


The “TV Masters” show: This is the show you want if you really want to make an impact.  The game starts out with the teams playing our Music Mania trivia game, (Name that tune or TV show) Fun, nostalgic and very engaging.


Our next TV game show is Family Feud, you know the game, Survey Says!!

We can even customize one of these games to be about your group or company.


We finish the show with another TV classic, Who Wants To Be a Millionaire! 

Teams compete to see who can answer their way to the Million Dollar Question!


We always have a few bonus challenges between our TV games!!


This is an ALL play, Everyone gets involved, Interactive and fun show.

Perfect for everything from all adult corporate parties, Bar/Bat mitzvahs, Family parties and more!

We even have a version that works for an ALL SCHOOL assembly at elementary schools. 


Full Sound System

Video Game system with 2- Flat Screen Monitors (or 1 large Projection system)

Lap top game control system

And of course your Game show Host and Emcee




The Game Masters Show is a complete evening of entertainment:
The Perfect Bar/Bat Mitzvah Entertainment Package:
(This info is formatted for a Mitzvah or Sweet 16 style show, but works great for all adults also!)

Jim teams up with another Professional Entertainer for a 3 hour, Very interactive show.

This is 3 hours of non stop entertainment!

The evening (or afternoon) starts out with appropriate music playing as guests arrive with Jim performing close up magic and our other performer performing table trivia games.

Just prior to lunch or dinner, Jim will introduce the guest of honor, and he will Emcee the speeches, toasts and Blessings if any.  As your guests eat appropriate music continues.

When the kids (Or Guests) are finished eating we will start our Game show!  The game show is an ALL play team format.  Each table plays as a team (Adult tables encouraged to play, the show is VERY fun, we perform this show for all adult corporate events all the time) Name that tune, Family feud, Who wants to be a Millionaire and a few interactive bonus challenges thrown in between games.  This show is fun, engaging, entertaining and WILL get everyone involved!  We have a very professional sound system, Flat screen TV monitors or larger projection screens used for the games.  The winning table wins a prize package valued at “Less” than $5000.00?????       
Ok they get gold medals?? (Plastic?)

We also can customize one of the games to be all about the guest of honor?

After the game show we always allow time for some dancing.

Description: Description: Description:

This is the perfect entertainment package to keep all your guests entertained and engaged!


We also have a customized version of our shows for elementary school events, each class plays as a team, gold medals to the winning classes, fun and action packed for everyone! Please call for more information!  The best part of our school assembly show is that ALL the kids play every question, as our game is a Team building show!  We do not just feature a few players at a time, ALL the kids feel as though they are a part of the whole show!


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