Free Hand Face Painting

This is called face painting, but it is perfect for face, arms, legs etc..

Our artists only use non-toxic, completely safe, make up paint.  It is always soap and water washable!


Free hand artists are more creative, can easily customize their art to fit a theme if you have one.

They can paint about 30-35 kids per hour.


Description: Description: Face Painting Designs -- Rainbow Butterfly


Description: Description: Face Painting Designs -- Bat


 Description: Description:


Description: Description: photo of jen and her cousin

Description: Description: Face Painting Designs -- Easy African Design


    Description: Description:


 Description: Description:







Air Brushed Face Painting

Once again perfect for face, arms, legs, hands etc…

Soap and water washable make up paint is all we ever use!


The best part of the air brushed systems is there is a menu board for the kids to see and choose from.

Perfect for the little kids as it only takes 15-20 seconds, they do not have to sit for minutes.

Also with the air brushed systems the teens and older kids love it as we can make them look like tattoos


With the Air brushed face painting we can do 50 or more kids per hour!

Description: Description: H-3073Description: Description: H-3098Description: Description: H-3136Description: Description: H-3145Description: Description: A-013



Description: Description: A-05Description: Description: F-026Description: Description: D-02sDescription: Description: H-4000Description: Description: squaredude


Description: Description: eye

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